Chamber of commerce

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CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. A society of the principal merchants and traders of a city, who meet to promote the general trade and commerce of the place. Some of these are incorporated, as in Philadelphia.

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Chatsworth/Porter Ranch Chamber of Commerce, 10038 Old Depot Plaza Road, Chatsworth 91311; (818) 341-2428.
Timmins Chamber of Commerce president Tom Laughren says he will support local forestry partners by lobbying individuals and governments within the community.
We felt the majority chamber of commerce was not for small businesses," says Rosetta Miller-Perry, publisher of the Tennessee Tribune and co-founder of the GNBCC.
Chamber of Commerce at 1615 H Street, NW, Washington, D.
The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce, the state's 16th largest; the Harrison Chamber of Commerce, the state's 17th largest; the Van Buren Chamber of Commerce, the state's 35th largest; and the Osceola-South Mississippi County Chamber of Commerce, the state's 52nd largest, are currently between directors.
While heading the chamber of commerce, she initiated a project to get the town a mascot, which has become a focal point for tourists entering into the town, and has tripled the number of visitations by tourists to the chamber office, Todd points out.
Kathleen Sterling, Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce.
Harvey Johnson, a founding member of the Greater Columbus African American Chamber of Commerce in Ohio, says the special needs of African American businesses can be easily overlooked in larger white chambers.
When she moved to Southern California about a year ago from the Sacramento area, she had applied to a chamber of commerce in Hermosa Beach.
Ross, a Granada Hills resident, worked with the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce in the early 1990s, coordinating volunteers for that community's street fair during its early years.

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