resistance to change

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Establishes a common understanding of the discipline of change management to help leaders and practitioners achieve and sustain change objectives.
At a number of large companies, SAN Change Management software has replaced today's error-prone manual methods and cumber-some spreadsheet comparisons--woefully inadequate at preventing SAN problems and finding and fixing problems that escape proactive detection.
Staff: Published by Belden Communications LLC, Lawrence deQuintal, editor-publisher; Shawn Bellamy, associate publisher; International Change Management Institute, content advisory.
According to a new IDC report, to compete successfully in the change management services market, consulting firms must have the capabilities to address the complexity and wide range of change issues that corporations are encountering.
And that brings us around once again to change management and strategic planning as the CEO's top priorities.
However, change management is not just about having the vision to recognize that change impacts assets throughout an organization, it is also about recognizing that it's necessary to predict and manage this change in a consistent manner--which necessitates the development and implementation of change processes.
The Active Reasoning platform is the solution that bridges the gap between effective Change Management and enabling compliance," said Bill Sheridan, vice president of sales at Advanced MarketPlace.
3 further strengthens Active Reasoning direct access and change management control capabilities.
A Web-based change management solution, SYNERGY/Change provides enterprise-wide lifecycle change control for an organization's digital assets during the systems and software development lifecycle.
A modular change management software program, VersionWorks helps manufacturers schedule automatic program backups from controllers and other industrial devices, document change processes required for regulatory compliance, and recover data quickly and more cost-effectively following a disaster.
today announced Change Controls Essentials, custom consulting from Tripwire Professional Services that helps organizations assess their change management processes, identify areas for improvement, and take concrete steps to implement effective change management.