resistance to change

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Outlines generally accepted practices, processes, tasks and activities used by change management practitioners across multiple roles, organizations and industries.
Adopters of SAN Change Management recognize that older methods cannot possibly attain high application availability--a priority for CIOs.
and Delta Consulting best positioned to gain market share in the change management services market, while Andersen Consulting is best aligned with customer needs.
A key tenet of change management for the CEO is to remember that the organization needs to fully understand and buy into the company's new strategic direction--that competent employees must see and come to own the facts and rationale behind any major change, as well as the methods used to gather and shape the supporting data, so that they can make the calculations and form the conclusions for themselves.
Prosci sponsors the Change Management Learning Center at www.
StorageTek for example, a $2 billion provider of storage management solutions, first employed change management to control software development for a distributed team of hundreds after a major acquisition.
About Prosci: Formed in 1994, Prosci is the world leader in change management research, developing tools that enable organizations to manage the people side of change.
The Prosci Change Management Maturity Model Audit breaks organizational change management maturity into five Capability Areas: Leadership, Application, Competencies, Standardization and Socialization.
Little consideration is given to rigorous change management or disaster recovery rollback processes.
The problem is that three quarters of organizations are change saturated and are failing to build change management competency within the organization.
Our Systems-based Leadership and Change Management framework has provided an effective structure for change management for more than 100 U.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- Prosci announced this week the Advanced Change Management Certification Program which will become part of Prosci's standard curriculum for change practitioners and project teams.