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As a precaution we advised customers to change passwords SUPERDRUG spokesman yesterday
"The company should also contact all individuals and organisations on the list to notify them of the breach, reassure them that steps are being taken to review data security and to advise them to change passwords and security settings as appropriate.
Additionally, the company has also informed all Opera Sync users about the security breach and recommended them to change passwords for their Opera Sync accounts as soon as possible.
In a press release, Yahoo said it does not believe that payment information was compromised, but "(stolen) account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords (the vast majority with bcrypt) and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers." The company advised all users that have not changed their passwords since 2014 to update them, and to change passwords on other accounts if they happen to be the same as their Yahoo password.
To make matters worse, several websites also require us to change passwords periodically!
We ensure all our computers have the latest and highest level of anti virus protection and change passwords on a regular basis.
My advice is always to be vigilant and mindful of security when connecting via unsecured Wi-Fi networks such as on trains etc Change passwords regularly.
Beyond looking into a provider's actual data systems, Sutherland recommends that a vendor conduct background checks on new hires and change passwords frequently so they cannot be saved-every 60 days is a good time frame.
Roughly half (46%) rarely or never change passwords to their online financial accounts, 44% use the same password for multiple online accounts and 39% have accessed their financial data online on public networks.
It also periodically offers to change passwords, often including what seem like Egyptian hieroglyphics to prevent an easy compromise from hackers.
Change passwords on important sites: It's a good idea to immediately change passwords for sites that hold a lot of personal information, financial details, and other private data.
Change passwords consequently of all the online services you use (Please note: This bug could steal passwords, credit card details and even encryption keys, without trace)