Change ticket

CHANGE TICKET. The name given in Arkansas to a species of promissory notes issued for the purpose of making change in small transactions. Ark. Rev. Stat. cb. 24.

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Tickets will forever change ticket sales for the mass event industry.
To change ticket processes - and there is a review of this which is part of the fan forums and fans will be fully engaged in - that can't happen overnight.
It's probably too late to change ticket prices this year, he said, though the school will review the prices at the end of the season.
But Wrexham council, who run 20% of the town's car parks, said they had no money to give to change ticket machines with an estimated cost of PS13,000.
A DfT spokesman said: "We consider each request from train operators to change ticket office opening hours on a case-by-case basis, in line with wellestablished industry rules.
You can put the change ticket number in the comment field, so that the rule will have a hyperlink back to the change ticket to simplify looking up the audit trail.
DiMasi involving a $13 million computer software contract, as well as alleged illegal lobbying and conflicts of interest involving legislation backed by the speaker to change ticket scalping laws.
However, Paisley's Dean Robertson, Monty's partner in November's World Cup, called on organisers to change ticket distribution for the Ryder Cup - to prevent thugs from getting in.
Disney reserves the right to change ticket entitlements at any time without prior notice.