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Endoplasmic reticulum chaperone protein GRP78 protects cells from apoptosis induced by topoisomerase inhibitors.
Hsp90 is a chaperone protein, which supervises the activity of tau inside nerve cells.
family of Cu bearing proteins, cuproenzymes, Cu transporters and Cu chaperone proteins have been manifested for enabling Cu to show its relevance in biological health.
Washington, Dec 4 (ANI): In a new study, scientists found that dynamic regulation of the chaperone protein Hsp27 is required to get rid of abnormally accumulating tau in the brains of mice genetically modified to develop the memory-choking tau tangles associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Y While working with Stevenson in Nebraska, Bukrinsky and his colleagues found that one HIV protein contains a five-amino-acid sequence that enables it to bind to a chaperone protein inside the cells it infects.
There were no signs of chaperone proteins for conveying other proteins through mitochondrial membranes.