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Keeping the importance of cupric Cu in biological function, an elaborate mechanism is set forth by Nature for maintaining Cu homeostasis, which includes a wide array of proteins namely (i) family of Cu bearing proteins, (ii) cuproenzymes, (iii) Cu transporters and (iv) Cu chaperone proteins.
When the stress-related protein FKBP51 partners with another protein known as Hsp90, this formidable chaperone protein complex prevents the clearance from the brain of the toxic tau protein associated with Alzheimer's disease.
By better defining the mechanisms linking chaperone proteins to both the tau aggregation and degradation pathways, we can move toward more individualized, effective therapies targeting Alzheimer's and other distinct neurological disorders," said Dickey.
Hunt's postdoctoral research focused on X-ray crystallographic studies of molecular chaperone proteins.
MaCRA has enabled CytRx to rapidly and quantifiably screen large numbers of small molecule compounds to identify potential drug candidates that modify the activity of a protein known as heat shock transcription factor 1 (Hsf1) and consequently control entire groups of molecular chaperone proteins that repair or degrade toxic misfolded proteins present in diseased cells.