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CopY encodes for Cu responsive repressor and copZ encodes for a chaperone protein.
In addition, Hsp27 can only be effective in helping maintain healthy tau turnover if the chaperone protein interacts with tau while it's still soluble-before tau has developed into solid nerve-killing tangles.
Hsf-1 is thought to be a master regulator that controls the amount of an entire family of molecular chaperone proteins that repair or degrade toxic misfolded proteins present in diseased cells.
The utility of chaperone proteins in preventing the damage that leads to cardiovascular disease has been appreciated in the scientific literature for some time," said Jack Barber, Ph.
Among the most important components of the stress response is the production of molecular chaperone proteins that have the ability to refold a protein into a non-toxic shape or recruit other proteins that have the ability to "tag" the toxic protein for destruction.
Raptor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Highland and specializes in the bioengineering of receptor chaperone proteins to target cell surface receptors and enzymes for the potential treatment of serious, life-threatening diseases and conditions.