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SISTER. A woman who has the same father and mother with another, or has one of them only. In the first case she is called sister, simply; in the second, half sister. Vide Brother; Children; Descent; Father; Mother.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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After six months, she was approached by Nan Kinross to be the inaugural charge nurse of Palmerston North's brand new psychiatric unit, where she continued with this style of practice.
All smiles Deputy charge nurse Sarah Gemmell, centre, and the team on the children's ward with the cheque from Adyn Jackson, pictured below
Senior charge nurse Fiona McCallum said: "I am so proud of Cheryl and the rest of the team for this caring and compassionate act.
Authors defined acuity based on charge nurse constructs of acuity and workload; for example, was the patient transferred from a step-down unit or receiving a high-risk medication (e.g., chemotherapy, heparin)?
Two days ago the charge nurse had abused a nurse Saba and slapped another nurse Shama and all the nurses struck work and demanded action against the charge nurse.
Charge nurse Carl Hawkins, 46, from Coventry and staff nurse James Radbourne, 31, from Rugby will cycling approximately 1,000 miles from Land's End in Cornwall to John O'Groats in Scotland over two weeks in May.
During the night shift of the charge nurse and assistant and staff nurses, the charge nurse supervises all the work.
I am so proud of all the team, from Jill the ward clerk, who would show love to all who came on the ward, Julie the care assistant, Carol the cleaner, Tracey the ward sister, Carlos the charge nurse, Carlos the cleaner, Carlos the doctor from San-Torino, Aonya the physiotherapist, Naz the care assistant, Tim the charge nurse, Mr Prasad the surgeon...
I quickly reached out to the charge nurse who gave me a cool reception and told me to use my "college degree nursing judgment." I had already called the doctor and was with the patient waiting on a return call.
The Senior Staff Charge Nurse leads a meeting with nurses and health care assistants in the A&E's seminar room to handover information about all the patients in minor, major, paedatric, resuscitation unit and waiting room departments.
Craig Leathard, charge nurse at the hospital, who lives in Ashington, has been the driving force behind the calendar campaign.
She is a charge nurse on the cardiovascular telemetry unit at Chandler Regional.