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CHARGER, Scotch law. He in whose favor a decree suspended is pronounced; vet a decree may be suspended before a charge is given on it. Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. 4, 3, 7.

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The Chargers can begin discussions with cities outside the county Jan.
The most compatible multi-device chargers ever, they allow users to charge their laptop computers AND mobile devices with one single, stylish charger.
SAN DIEGO - Many of the San Diego Chargers admit that they don't know what kind of quarterback Philip Rivers will turn out to be.
There are a number of battery chargers available in the market as per individual application requirements.
FIRE chiefs have warned about the dangers of electrical chargers after a Newport family had a lucky escape from a house fire.
A market leader in device compatibility, CHOETECH's energy-efficient chargers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so users can pick the charger that fits your personal or business lifestyle.
0 is a 15W plug charger, faster than standard smartphone chargers.
In expanding the range, Victron Energy is meeting customer demand for lower output chargers suitable for harsh environments.
Dangerous knock-off chargers have become such a problem that containers of chargers arriving from China at Felixstowe and Southampton are now regularly checked by customs inspectors.
I now hope that, as a result of this study, the rest of the industry will now consider joining us in our campaign to take chargers out of the box for good.
CONSUMER watchdogs are warning shoppers not to buy fake branded mobile phone chargers after a Midland man suffered an electric shock when he used one of the devices.
Over time it is expected to reduce the number of chargers produced.