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LAMB. A ram, sheep or ewe, under the age of one year. 4 Car. & P. 216; S. C. 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 351.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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One can check the preface of the book Tales from Shakespeare written combined by Charles Lamb and his sister Mary Lamb in which it is written that these tales are the summarised versions of the original Shakespeare plays for children and definitely the things written for children can never be enjoyed by the adults and mature students of 18 or 19.
Carrying the thesis of Charles Lamb a bit forward, one would recognise several other characteristics that could help categorise people into distinct and mutually exclusive groups.
To celebrate this milestone, Charles Lamb (senior archivist for photograph and audio-visual collections at the University of Notre Dame Archives) and Elizabeth Hogan (photograph archivist at the University of Notre Dame Archives) have chosen 175 images that illustrate the evolution of campus culture and its physical environment.
Lamb - Norman Charles Lamb, 92, of Eugene, died Aug.
| WHEN...did the English essayist Charles Lamb die?
"I shall die soon, my dear Charles Lamb! and then you--will not be vexed that I had bescribbled your Books."
GAMBLING WISDOM A number of moralists betting and refuse to see in the passion of the ordinary They judge gambling as judge religion, by its Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia, But in this country speak the name Lincoln and it means only one thing the onset of the Flat season at Doncaster.
Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia, 1832 of Saeed other ( Brief.
She kept us spellbound with her reading of British essayist Charles Lamb's "A Dissertation upon Roast Pig," first published in 1823.
NEARLY TWO CENTURIES after it was written, what first strikes the reader today about Charles Lamb's wonderfully readable "Detached Thoughts on Books and Reading" is the fiercely embodied physical-ness of what today is largely considered a cerebral activity-reading a book.
I do not remember much of what I learned but distinctly remember how she taught the Charles Lamb essay, "A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig," which details how the delicacy of pig crackling was an accidental discovery.