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CHARTA. An ancient word which signified not only a charter or deed in writing, but any signal or token by which an estate was held.

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Rigid Paper develops and supplies recycled fluting and liner materials to the corrugated industry and their brand of single faced corrugated protective packaging is Charta.
T]he plaintiffs could claim no title under the act in question, as it was against common right, as well as against magna charta, to take away the freehold of one man and vest it in another, and that, too, to the prejudice of third persons, without any compensation, or even a trial by the jury of the country, to determine the right in question.
The conflict between king and citizens that preceded the Magna Charta concerned, among other things, opposition to this absolute power of the Crown to grant private rights in the shore, particularly as these rights interfered with the free navigation which was so essential to the rising commercial classes.
Stora purchased from China Renaissance 75% of the ordinary shares of Purple Charta Investment Limited, a British Virgin Island corporation.
Burke had repeatedly raised the question of civil rights for Indian plaintiffs, and had gone so far as to contrast the Magna Charta with "charters .
Such movements as the Hungarian workers' associations in 1956, Charta `77 in the former Czechoslovakia and Solidarnosc in Poland in the eighties were mouth-pieces of civil society and were closely related to critical theories, social sciences and sociology.
In effect, the king who had prorogued Parliament four times in his short reign, once for a stretch of eleven years, was now attempting to disenfranchise Parliament, to move the seat of government out of London, and to claim, contrary to Magna Charta, that English sovereignty resided not in the "king-in-parliament" but, if necessary, in a king without or at war with Parliament.
Peel's Act could have become a Magna Charta for financial stability of Great Britain and the whole free world, had the Act not contained a few major loopholes and inadequacies which were an impediment for its normal functioning.
It contained the text of the Magna Charta and other English statutes on freedom and property.
Women do possess all these in an eminent degree, and I insist that they shall appeal to the courts and through them establish the powers of our American magna charta to protect every citizen of the republic.
One cannot anticipate going to a museum and viewing the Taxpayer Bill of Rights document alongside the Magna Charta and the U.
It looks out over Greece's House of Parliament (the former Royal Palace) and Constitution Square--so named when Otto, the German-turned-Greek-king, was forced, like King John of Magna Charta fame, to guarantee a few liberties in writing.