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CHARTA. An ancient word which signified not only a charter or deed in writing, but any signal or token by which an estate was held.

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45) See Coke on Magna Charta, 2 where the "ends" are specified as "1.
It cannot be doubted that the WADA Code is mandatory for the IOC after Rule 44 of the Olympic Charta adopted it.
Wie bereits weiter oben angefuhrt, beruft sich die Europaische Union vor allem auf Rechtsstaatlichkeit, Demokratie, Solidaritat, Toleranz und die allgemeine Gleichberechtigung--Werte, die jedoch auch in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika allgemein anerkannt sind, der Menschenrechtskonvention des Europarats zu Grunde liegen und auch der UN Charta gemein sind.
That was the topic for discussion at the annual signing of the Magna Charta Universitatum at the mother of universities, the University of Bologna, earlier this year.
The Magna Charta provided that no freeman would be disseized, dispossessed, or imprisoned except by judgment of his peers or by 'the laws of the land.
Largely ignored or disdained by the middle classes and the more respectable press, the Tichbornites under Keneally were incorporated into quasi-party form in the Magna Charta Association, served by the Englishman, Keneally's own weekly newspaper.
During the Cold War, the vast majority of UN missions had reflected classical peacekeeping according to Chapter VI of the UN Charta.
Kelly notes that "[t]he provision in the Fifth Amendment that no person should be deprived of life, liberty, of property without due process of law was a variation of the ancient 'lave of the land' phrase handed down through English and American charters from Magna Charta.
The Ministry of Education and the Tetovo State University (DUT) are silent regarding threats of the Magna Charta Observatory for throwing out DUT from the Bologna process.
He supervised the drafting of the Magna Charta and commissioned Robert Fitzwalter as the Marshall of the Army of God and Holy Church, and together they met King John at Runnymeade and forced him to sign the Magna Charta, which guaranteed the ancient God-given rights of Englishmen.
My word goes around in my companies," Stronach says of his Charta.
Gordon believed that Pentecost was the "Magna Charta of the Christian church," in which those who had once been viewed as inferior by natural birth (their being and nature) attain a new spiritual status through the power of the Holy Spirit.