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In a line with the mountains the plain is gashed with numerous and dangerous chasms, from four to ten feet wide, and of great depth.
There are no lovelier meadows and woodlands than the English, no nobler crests or chasms than those of Snowdon and Glencoe.
Chasms there were on either side, and darksome caves wherein fierce robbers lived, and dragons, very terrible, whose jaws dripped blood.
through the sides of the basin, forming dark chasms or light sunny
There were immense intervals or chasms, for things still had the power to appear visibly before her, between one moment and the next; it sometimes took an hour for Helen to raise her arm, pausing long between each jerky movement, and pour out medicine.
Between them, though, there lies a country of torn rocks and yawning chasms.
Whether these chasms were the dried-up beds of ancient rivers or not they were unable thoroughly to ascertain.
The first impression, on seeing the correspondence of the horizontal strata on each side of these valleys and great amphitheatrical depressions, is that they have been hollowed out, like other valleys, by the action of water; but when one reflects on the enormous amount of stone, which on this view must have been removed through mere gorges or chasms, one is led to ask whether these spaces may not have subsided.
You look day by day and hour by hour, and the chasms of the sea will open, and their voices will come to you.
The sun sank lower in the heavens; we passed the river Drance and observed its path through the chasms of the higher and the glens of the lower hills.
Turning, she gazed in through the gaping chasm of the window at her side.
The young man drew a pile of the sassafras from the cave, and placing it in the chasm which separated the two caverns, it was occupied by the sisters, who were thus protected by the rocks from any missiles, while their anxiety was relieved by the assurance that no danger could approach without a warning.