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The DCS chat client is an Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol application which provides users enterprise chat client capabilities for quick and easy messaging, communication, and file transfer.
people who are unable to access the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Group Chat client.
COMCARSTRKGRU Twelve assembled a test team and coordinated work issues in preparation for testing and approvals to load the chat client software aboard USS Anzio (CG 68) and USS Enterprise (CVN 65).
2 for Windows, a new Internet relay chat client designed to allow thousands of users to communicate with each other over the web.
In addition, Hangouts is now integrated to serve as SMS/MMS and Google+ chat client.
Imagine how one would function without a mobile or without internet or without a chat client.
Luca Lani, head of media area Banzai spa: "Integrating Nimbuzz gives our members instant access to a popular web chat client plus enriches our community experience online and away from the PC with none of the development time or costs associated.
IMVU initially began as an online chat client and has evolved into an online social entertainment destination.
Unlike with other All-in-One chat apps, IM+ allows multiple accounts in a single chat client.
Contract awarded for Provision of Application Development Services to Design, Develop, Test, Deploy, Commission, and Provide Support Services for Complete and Fully Operational Android and IOS Based Secured Mobile Chat Client Application System to Singapore Prison Service (SPS) with Six (6) Months Warranty
Known as Viewer 2, the new software uses design elements that Web users are already familiar with - such as browser navigation bars and chat client friend lists - to make navigating and socializing in the virtual world easy and intuitive.