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CHECK BOOK, commerce. One kept by persons who have accounts in bank, in which are printed blank forms of cheeks, or orders upon the bank to pay money.

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Akl's phone, passport and wallet, containing her identifications and check book, were stolen from the car.
Medics found gold chain and watch from coffin number 136; gold chain from coffin number 118; ring from coffin number 138; red cell phone from coffin number 128; wallet and burned bills worth Rs 5,000 from coffin number 100; ring and burned bills worth Rs 10,500 from coffin number 25; three amulets from coffin number 57; diary and receipt of purchasing from Rana Jeweler, Rawalpindi, from coffin number 29; necklace from coffin number 77; wallet, cell phone, Rs 11500 from coffin number 146; black amulet and Rs 6,500 from coffin number 99; bangles, necklace, 5 gold chains and ring from coffin number 173; check book of Habib Bank, Swat branch, from coffin number 109.
It was then that they discovered that Alaa had been charged in absentia over a bad check, even though he doesn't even own a check book," said Hassan.
So there sat four of us: My partner; me; the owner, with his hands folded on his desk; and his accountant, with his hands folded atop a large leather book-the company check book.
In the section on investing, teens learn the various aspects of the markets and definitions of commonly used financial terms, as well as how to balance a check book, read stock market and mutual fund tables, and track their money with income and balance sheets.
Not only is green remodeling good for the environment, it is great for the check book.
For a complete listing of all the early twentieth century newspaper comic strips offered by the Check Book Publishing Group, readers and librarians should visit their website at www.
One by one they'd stand on the scales while the evil-tongued thinnie in bold gold jewellery in charge of writing down the damage in their chubby check book would break the news that they'd failed in the weigh game.
A supply officer's main duty was to ensure that his ship received necessary parts to meet critical underway missions, ensure there were enough stores on board to keep the crew and commanding officer happy and to keep the check book balanced.
If someone takes your check book they will not know if you sign your checks with just your initials or your first name but your bank will know how you sign your checks.
One of the more interesting spectator sports in all of this has been watching some of the religious leaders like Jerry Falwell and Pat Roberton, the mission of whom would benefit from easier access to Uncle Sam's check book.