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CHECK BOOK, commerce. One kept by persons who have accounts in bank, in which are printed blank forms of cheeks, or orders upon the bank to pay money.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Actually it is going to take a lot more than a returned check book to resolve this problem.
I'll be fight down." That odor you smell is my check book burning.
& meanwhile I have pantry moths and a strained check book...
And unlike your check book, you should only have to balance your scope once.
Akl's phone, passport and wallet, containing her identifications and check book, were stolen from the car.
My sincere thanks for addressing the "check book" lies.
Medics found gold chain and watch from coffin number 136; gold chain from coffin number 118; ring from coffin number 138; red cell phone from coffin number 128; wallet and burned bills worth Rs 5,000 from coffin number 100; ring and burned bills worth Rs 10,500 from coffin number 25; three amulets from coffin number 57; diary and receipt of purchasing from Rana Jeweler, Rawalpindi, from coffin number 29; necklace from coffin number 77; wallet, cell phone, Rs 11500 from coffin number 146; black amulet and Rs 6,500 from coffin number 99; bangles, necklace, 5 gold chains and ring from coffin number 173; check book of Habib Bank, Swat branch, from coffin number 109.
"It was then that they discovered that Alaa had been charged in absentia over a bad check, even though he doesn't even own a check book," said Hassan.
The state of affairs in state prisons must be rough, since states must balance their budgets, and if the state of affairs has deteriorated in the federal system, where the feds have a blank check book and no requirement for balancing a budget, the costs of incarceration have to be crushing the states' budgets.
Are you good with money and balancing your check book? You may want to help with your state society's annual audit.
So there sat four of us: My partner; me; the owner, with his hands folded on his desk; and his accountant, with his hands folded atop a large leather book-the company check book. My partner and I beamed at each other and pulled out one last form.