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Add the digits up to, but not including, the check digit in the even-numbered positions (second, fourth, sixth, etc.
We start out with patron number one (plus whatever check digit is generated by the unique combination of your library four-digit code) and keep adding patrons.
As selectors approach each slot, they receive instructions via their headsets to say aloud the check digits that are clearly posted at that location.
Code checks need screen confirmation of data entry and thus more computer processing than do check digits; check digits require additional keying time.
Typically, the mathematical schemes that underlie the assignment of check digits permit computer detection of incorrectly entered or scanned identification numbers.
Their experience led me to select Code 3 of 9 without a check digit.
Exhibit 8, pages 12--13, shows that all the packages reviewed use code and data type checks, but none uses check digits (columns A-C).
An algorithm calculates what the correct check digit should be, and compares that with the check digit on the barcode label.
While it's easy to voice a check digit, speaking a long string of digits associated with a lot number is much more cumbersome and prone to error than scanning.
In Fox Racing's new voice-directed picking operation, a picker is directed to a location where he speaks the location's check digit as an initial verification, and then the last three digits of the UPC as a second verification.
This is logged at the start of each shift, and each driver in each location can ensure products are in the correct place using a check digit.