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A system whereby an employer regularly deducts a portion of an employee's wages to pay union dues or initiation fees.

The checkoff system is very attractive to a union since the collection of dues can be costly and time-consuming. It prescribes the manner in which dues are paid by deductions in earnings rather than through individual checks sent directly to the union. Unions are thereby assured of the regular receipt of their dues.

A dues checkoff system is only lawful when voluntarily authorized by an employee. Unions have attempted to make alternatives to checkoff more onerous by requiring such practices as in-person delivery of dues checks to out-of-state locations. The national labor relations board has held that this type of inducement to checkoff is unlawful, however, as is the attempt by a union to collect assessments extending beyond periodic dues.


Labor Law; Labor Union.

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Rice Producers Association, questions what has been achieved with the $10 million in Arkansas check-off dollars during the past five years.
We have got to focus the use of our check-off dollars in a much more targeted approach and eliminate or drastically reduce generic promotions that attempt to promote rice in a far too general method that is obviously ineffective," Alter said.
John Alter, Vice-President of ARGA and the recently appointed chairman of the Domestic Marketing Committee for the US Rice Producers Association questions what was achieved with the $10 million dollars in Arkansas check-off dollars during the past 5 years.
After subtracting pet food, brewers' use, and imports from the consumption figure it is a discouraging fact that is creating a distrust from farmers as to how their hard earned check-off dollars are used to promote their product," stated Ellis.
For American rice farmers who contribute hard earned check-off dollars in promotional efforts, the importation of rice from the foreign marketplace is of serious concern.
Have we reversed this policy after fifty years of hard work and after spending millions of producer funded grain check-off dollars, and billions of federal tax dollars to create and expand foreign markets for corn, wheat, and other grains?
Besides encouraging Cargill and helping the company seek funding through Department of Commerce grants, NCGA invested check-off dollars from farmers to fund basic research to get things going.
The trade mission in September was partially sponsored by the Ohio Soybean Council through check-off dollars from Ohio soybean producers and gave several Ohio companies the opportunity to present their products and ideas to the group and also one-on-one.