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A material factor; a basic component.

The term is used to mean one of several parts that unite to form a whole, as in elements of a criminal action or civil action. In the tort of Assault and Battery, an essential element of the offense would be unwanted physical contact. An element of the crime of rape is lack of consent on the part of the victim.

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n. 1) an essential requirement to a cause of action (the right to bring a lawsuit to enforce a particular right). Each cause of action (negligence, breach of contract, trespass, assault, etc.) is made up of a basic set of elements which must be alleged and proved. Each charge of a criminal offense requires allegation and proof of its elements. 2) essential requirement of a General Plan. (See: cause of action, crime, General Plan, zoning)

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class="MsoNormalI am involved in a project, within Nairobi, to assess the types of chemical elements that could be suspended in the atmosphere.
In order to achieve the uniform distribution of the chemical elements within the samples, they were grinded by the electrical grinder with stainless cover.
Which two chemical elements have their atomic numbers equal to exactly half their calculated sums?
The Bioaccumulation Quotient (BQ) for chemical elements was calculated as follows:
The Temagami Banded Iron Formation, which was formed 2,700 million years ago during the Neoarchean period, can be used as an archive because the isotopic composition of many chemical elements such as Hafnium and Neodymium directly mirrors the composition of Neoarchean seawater.
Adel Khalifa Al-Zayani has recently hosted a delegation from (Bapco) chaired by its Deputy CEO Engineer Ibrahim Taleb, and Director of North America, Hart Energy Consulting John Kneiss, the mandatory company to prepare an environmental feasibility study on the compound MTBE, where Kneiss presented an overview for the results of analyzing the chemical elements and their effects.
In her April 2012 doctoral dissertation at the Technical University of Delft, Sarmento shows how monitoring chemical elements, including metals, in the air and comparing the findings to the incidence of diseases can help identify pollutants that are most harmful to people.
On 4 May, a group of European scientists flew out from Germany to measure the chemical elements - including pollutants - in the air.
AN Irish scientist is to lead an international EUR2.3million hunt to discover how the first chemical elements were created in the universe.
This 2011-12 WorkReady report reinforces this theme by using visual aspects of the "Periodic Table of Elements", which was created to describe how groups of chemical elements behave and interact with one another.
Rare earth metals are a collection of 17 chemical elements that are key to the production of a long list of modern-day technologies.

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