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Father Martin's Ashley is a nationally-recognized leader in the treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependence.
The main symptom of chemical dependence is impaired control over the use of a drug, and the patient perceives this as a basic need for the drug.
However, this disorder lacks some of the key characteristics of chemical dependence.
The four hours includes two hypnosis sessions - one that helps to deal with the chemical dependence and spells out to them what they are doing to their bodies.
In the same way that attorneys suffer alcoholism and chemical dependence with similar frequency to the general population, the prevalence of eating disorders among attorneys mirrors that of the general population.
Exercise will promote mental well-being and a healthier body, helping individuals fight chronic pain, depression, chemical dependence, and even schizophrenia.
But Barras' detailed examination of the complex relationship between Barry and the black community, and the toll taken on his leadership by his sexual crudities and chemical dependence, is incisive and brave.
With society reeling from the effects of illegitimacy, spousal and child abuse, chemical dependence and a high divorce rate, who would possibly object to hundreds of thousands of men pledging to be ``godly men''?
Mary's Medical Center Chemical Dependence Center 3700 Washington Ave.
chemical dependence, emotional disorders, physical disability) or professional difficulties (e.
In the ICM model, "integrated case managers" work on an interdisciplinary basis to assist members who have conditions such as medical, mental health and chemical dependence, and to help those who face social and health-system barriers that impede access to care.
Father Martin's Ashley implements accelerators to streamline patient care for the treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependence

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