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BRANDY. A spirituous liquor made of wine by distillation. See stat. 22 Car. H. c. 4.

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1 Put the thawed cherries in a bowl with the sweetener, cherry brandy and cherry conserve and mix well.
I'm drinking a glass of Amsterdam's finest Warnink's advocaat to remind myself of the Christmases I spent in my grandmother's house in the centre of the steel town, all bonhomie and carols being sung, neighbours calling in, glasses of that advocaat, cherry brandy, whisky and beer being raised, the air full of cigar smoke.
This has a very strong alcoholic taste and combined with the cherries, is reminiscent of cherry brandy.
in displays delicate pear Perfect WHAT A YOU NEED: 40ml Whitley Neill Gin, 15ml cherry brandy, 7.
The subject of the public contract is the revitalization of the top cherry brandy, which will involve modifying existing vegetation and waste removal, the restoration of historic roads and paths in the fabrication and placement of furniture and broukovi t, the reconstruction of the herb layer and the planting of fruit trees, including finishing and Development Care planted fruit trees.
In your mouth its warm, spicy cherry and plum flavours transform plain, dark chocolate into a rich cherry brandy taste.
The cream should be at least 30% fat, the cake at least 3% cocoa and the taste of the cherry brandy, which should be sourced exclusively from the Black Forest, should be "discernible.
This whisky has aromas of fresh cream, strawberries and sweet vanilla bean with flavours of malt, spice and maraschino cherry brandy.
It's like it was aged in a Spanish cherry brandy barrel.
Schaffe created the Cherry Drop, made from Bacardi Superior, Bacardi Torched Cherry, rock candy syrup, lime and cherry brandy syrup; while Musinski won for the Basil Mojito, made of Bacardi Superior, basil, rock candy syrup, club soda and fresh lime juice
Cherry Heering has been produced since 1818, and the cherry brandy has long been known as an important ingredient in cocktails.