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BRANDY. A spirituous liquor made of wine by distillation. See stat. 22 Car. H. c. 4.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Cherry Brandy, Organic Chlorella Powder, 350ml, batch code L2-17-88-382, 18222, L2-18-99-382, with a best-before date N/ASlimfast
Pack sizes affected are 350ml for the cherry brandy, ginger liquer and elderberry & port.
THE STATION Bearsden, Glasgow THE DRINK Pint of lager (Tennent's) PS3.80 Fresh orange and lemonade PS2.15 Prosecco - glass PS5.50 Vodka and Coke PS3.70 Top cocktail Singapore Sling - gin, cherry brandy and grenadine syrup, shaken and topped with soda PS5.50 THE FOOD Star dish Classic beef burger with cheese, chicken fillet, pulled pork, mushrooms and onion rings PS11.79
Their efforts revealed a hoard of stolen goods as inside they found no fewer than six bottles of champagne, three bottles of sherry, one of port, one of shrub, two of cherry brandy, one of orange brandy, one of apricot brandy, two china cups and saucers, two champagne glasses, two finger bowls, one water bottle, one medicine glass, two linen shirts, two pairs of knitted drawers, two collars and two pairs of black socks.
340g jar cherry jam or conserve 450g Madeira cake, cut into 1cm slices 100ml kirsch or cherry brandy 10 ratafia biscuits or 5 amaretti biscuits, broken up 300ml double cream, whipped lightly
200g frozen cherries, thawed 1/2 tsp sweetener 2 tsp cherry brandy or kirsch 1 level tbsp cherry conserve 2 soft Amaretti biscuits, crushed 200g low-fat ready-made custard 4 tbsp fat-free natural fromage frais, sweetened to taste Fresh cherries, to decorate (or use frozen cherries, thawed)
'If you can't find a good sweet red wine, cherry brandy works well, too.'
Both of us were nursing that post-Christmas dinner feeling, so much so we had to skip the cherry brandy waffles I had got so excited about earlier.
The End of the Tour, about the fractious relationship between celebrity author David Foster Wallace and Rolling Stone writer David Lipsky, was paired with Seething Jealousy (pour 1 oz sweet vermouth, .5 oz Scotch whisky, .5 oz cherry brandy and .5 oz orange juice into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes; shake well, then strain into a cocktail glass).
This has a very strong alcoholic taste and combined with the cherries, is reminiscent of cherry brandy. It doesn't taste like a Christmas pudding and is too sweet.