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BRANDY. A spirituous liquor made of wine by distillation. See stat. 22 Car. H. c. 4.

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That was in marked contrast to William's dad, Prince Charles, who was famously caught drinking cherry brandy on a Gordonstoun school trip as a teenager.
Flavors of mandarin segments, lime and hints of cherry brandy combine with a spicy palate of nutmeg and ginger.
You can quaff Croatia's fine wines here as well as Zadar's famous cherry brandy, Maraschino.
CHERRY Brandy is the first red rudbeckia to grow from seed.
But even that landmark building has been almost swallowed up by a shopping arcade, and cherry brandy, one of the ingredients, isn't my tipple.
Bred by the Queen, he is a half-brother to bumper and hurdles winner Brandy Snap, and bumper winner Cherry Brandy.
In a shaker half filled with ice cubes, combine rum, maraschino liqueur, cherry brandy and lime juice.
They were intrigued but pleasantly surprised by the mix of cherry brandy and ale.
Grape brandy which has been flavored, such as cherry brandy, has traditionally been regarded as a liqueur and is also included in this report.
Black Forest Christmas gateau For the sponge120g butter 120g sugar 1 packet vanilla sugar (9g) or a tspn vanilla essence 4 eggs 160g plain flour 1 packet baking powder (15g) 100g dark chocolate, grated 50g ground hazelnutsaFor the filling/topping40ml Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps) - if you can't find, use cherry brandy 200g cherry conserve 600g sweet cream (double or whipping cream with vanilla sugar or icing sugar added during final stages of whipping) 2 packets of cream stabilizer (optional to help thicken cream)For the decorationGlace cherries Chocolate flakes or chocolate decorations Method:Grease and line a 26-28cm diameter spring form cake tin.