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Use two fingers when giving a baby chest compressions
When the importance of chest compression is considered and in the light of the issues experienced in currently employed techniques and the low survival rates following cardiac arrest, the necessity of further developing S-CPR techniques and increasing the effectiveness of chest compression becomes clear.
Likewise, in a team of trained rescuers, multiple steps such as activating the emergency response system, chest compression, ventilation, and defibrillator retrieval can be accomplished simultaneously.
Nine paramedics and trainers from DCAS then started performing chest compressions on the training dummies to demonstrate the CPR process and DEWA staff and visitors were invited to conduct CPR on the additional dummies.
sup][1] Immediate chest compression and defibrillation are the most important strategies to improve the outcome in sudden cardiac arrest.
Thus, the new guidelines consider optimal CPR for infants and children to include both ventilation and chest compression (Table 1 Class I, LOE B).
Though chest compressions are needed immediately in VFib situations, last year just 41 percent of cardiac arrest patients locally were treated before paramedics arrived, Moore said.
In keeping with the new C-A-B format, the document urges EMS personnel to minimize interruptions in chest compression to what is necessary for rescue ventilation.
3,4) A recent study indicated that an opportunity exists to improve CPR quality and, it is hoped, patient survival by focusing on the correct depth and rate of chest compressions with minimal "hands-off" periods.
The chest compression is a critical aspect of the HPS that requires very accurate and repeatable measurement of the actual distance that the medical person compresses the chest during CPR procedures.
This is what fuels arguments for chest compression only.