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Bilateral chylous drainage had persisted in large amounts from the chest tubes although we continued total parentheral nutrition (TPN).
Therefore, maintaining chest tube (CT) patency is critically important to prevent the compartmentalization of fluid within the pericardial space.
Physiological Effects of Chest Tube Manipulation," appears in the November 2007 issue of AJCC.
Luchette reentered the operating room to insert a chest tube.
So little remained that he was fed through a chest tube, but the food irreversibly damaged his liver.
A patient with a chest tube is admitted to your orthopedic unit because no other beds are available.
Each chest tube insertion resulted in blinding and searing pain I did not think possible.
Cohen got to him in 10 minutes, put in a chest tube and performed emergency resuscitation, and got him back to the field hospital.
Surgeons inserted a chest tube and, after three days on antibiotics and oxygen, her conditioned improved.
They inserted a chest tube into my left side and admitted me to the ICU, where I received regular doses of several pain-killers (the only benefit of this experience).