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McCluskey Chevrolet is located in Cincinnati Ohio and welcomes local drivers to come and see its variety of vehicles.
From performance vehicles to small cars, Chevrolet delivers easy-to-use technologies and features that add value and enhance the overall customer ownership experience.
MY Chevrolet continues its effort to raise breast cancer awareness in the month of October.
In comparisons with competitors, Chevrolet vehicles have been shown to cost less to own because of a combination of an affordable purchase price, more features that come standard and inexpensive upgrades, maintenance and parts.
However, it is not as straightforward as it seems, because what might be a Chevrolet in Europe, is a Daewoo in its home market in Korea, a Suzuki in North America and Puerto Rico, a Pontiac in Canada and Mexico, a Holden in Australia, and a Buick in China and Taiwan.
9) Darrell LaMoure, Chevrolet, 100, Running, $2,100
There was apparently no issue as to whether a 75% interest constituted a substantial portion of Frontier Chevrolet.
The ChevyShowcase store features five to six Chevrolet vehicles, from the best-selling Tahoe sport-utility vehicle to the 400-horsepower SSR sport roadster.
McCluskey Chevrolet, a dealership located in Cincinnati Ohio, is bringing a variety of Chevrolet models to the area.
In addition, Chevrolet is offering to donate rebate contributions from the certified service.
In the nine Cup races this year, Chevrolet has just one win.
The driving concept behind our ChevyShowcase retail store is to show consumers the wide variety of Chevrolet products designed to fit every lifestyle," said Dave Klemm, Regional Marketing Manager for Chevrolet in the Northeast.