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Nicotine tablets, chewing tobacco and nicotine gum are absorbed through the digestive system, needing 30 minutes to work.
Authorities confiscated 434kg of chewing tobacco (Indian pan and tambak) found at the store in Muharraq and confiscated the bus used to sell the illegal items after receiving a Public Prosecution arrest and search warrant," read an Information Affairs Authority statement.
Schilling's announcement may help discourage some people from using snuff and chewing tobacco, but Mr.
And at a butchers shop in the city centre, 14 packets of Winston counterfeit cigarettes and a large quantity of Zarda chewing tobacco was seized.
The study showed that boys who described themselves as very masculine, in terms of their self-image and play preferences in childhood, were almost 80 percent more likely to use chewing tobacco and 55 percent more likely to smoke cigars than boys who described themselves as the least masculine.
The authors of the fiscal note expect an increase in the use of chewing tobacco if the bill passes; the state is unlikely to take a financial hit as a result of the tax decrease.
In addition, chewing tobacco leads to persistent bad breath.
Another order also held that chewing tobacco or zarda is a food article.
A number of residents from African and Asian communities in the Kingdom use the snuff (Tombak), which is also called chewing tobacco, despite the health hazards.
TRADING Standards has cracked down on city shops selling tobacco products such as hookah pipes and chewing tobacco over health fears.
Large quantities of the illegal chewing tobacco have been seized by health authorities during a series of raids across Bahrain.
This clampdown is long overdue and during inspections some cold stores have even been found to be selling chewing tobacco, which has been illegal in Bahrain since 1992