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As widely admired and well-respected Chief Editor, Juan Carlos Lopez led one of the world s most recognized scientific journals, and we are delighted to welcome him to Roche, said John C.
I publicly ask the Chief Editor whether readers can now expect that he will apply as a minimum the rigorous standard he himself has called for to papers published in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care?
She hailed Petra Director-General Ramadan Rawashdeh's decision to let a female journalist be the agency's Chief Editor today, adding that it was an important step toward promoting women empowerment in various areas and a reflection of women aspirations to assume leadership positions.
The Chief Editor apologises for the above omission.
On the same day, Dai Xiaojing, Caijing's deputy chief editor, Yang Daming, another Deputy Chief Editor have determined to leave, as well as Wang Shuo.
Chief Editor, the son of Tomba, has had his problems in the past but has grown in strength and stature this season, as evidenced by his victory at Nottingham in April.
CHIEF EDITOR can make the news by landing the principal race today at Wolverhampton.
NEW YORK -- A leading cardinal who was the chief editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church has caused controversy by suggesting that Catholics do not believe in evolution at least as proposed by some scientists.
Perhaps in future editions, the chief editor could split the book into several separate volumes, each with a more appropriate title.
In the first issue of PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY, the chief editor addressed the magazine to "the technical men" in plastics.
Written by the chief editor of the Earth Bible Project, Seven Songs of Creation: Liturgies for Celebrating and Healing Earth is a resource intended to help worshipping communities develop liturgies to revere, honor, love, and serve Earth.
I just left as chief editor of PC Magazine Singapore, only two months after I launched the title, because they tried to blur that line.

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