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TAKAUD's Chief of Government Business and Communications Ebrahim K.
Vahe Jilavyan, Deputy Chief of Government Staff and the Chair of the Interagency working group, while expressing his appreciation to the country team for its efficient and constructive cooperation with agencies of Armenia, expressed hope that the results of their visit to Armenia would contribute to a proper SDGs nationalisation process.
The First Deputy of the Ministry of Finance and Chief of Government Services Ayman Goher revealed that the Government Services Authority recorded sales of EGP 360m within six months from selling state authority's unused goods and equipment, such as cars, computers and other machines.
Is the Chief of Government taking advantage of his position and uses the state resources to collect new votes?
In the United States, the president is both chief of government (like a prime minister) and chief of state (like a king).
The Chief of Government and Administration at the National Council for Strategic Planning, Dr Ismail Al-Haj Musa, said in a statement to SUNA that the meeting discussed implementation of the five-year plan (2007-2011), adding that arrangements are underway to convene a meeting of the council by the end of February.
Abdelilah Benkirane, Chief of Government of Morocco, agreed.
David Fitzhugh, assistant city manager, Avondale; Valarie McCall, chief of government operations, Cleveland; and I.
Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister, has met Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Chief of Government of Buenos Aires, at the new headquarters of the autonomous government of Buenos Aires City, capital of Argentine, to discuss ways to enhance co-operation between the two countries.
We have a great technology that will be able to monitor and predict the weather, so we have no reason why a farmer in sub-Saharan Africa cannot get assistance in real time, said Fatima Kassam, African Risk Capacity chief of Government Affairs and Policy.
Previously, he served as chief of government affairs for the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, and as deputy budget director for the New Jersey Legislature's Assembly Majority.
Microsoft and Dell are making a strong commitment to ensure state and local governments have the knowledge and resources to formulate their eGovernment initiatives," said Dennis McKenna, editor in chief of Government Technology.

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