Child Support Agency

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Child Support Agency (CSA)

the body, headed by a chief executive, charged by the Secretary of State to apply the child support legislation and part of the Department of Work and Pensions. It employs child support officers and inspectors. There are complaints procedures. It has been given financial targets; in some cases, fees are payable. Essentially it works out how much people owe for child support and collects it according to the statutory formula. There is a separate agency for Northern Ireland. See also MAINTENANCE ASSESSMENT.
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5 million child maintenance cases are being overseen by the Child Maintenance Service and the Child Support Agency and in the majority of cases, parents who no longer live in the family home do contribute towards their child's upbringing.
A spokeswoman for the Child Support Agency said: "Imprisonment for failure to pay child maintenance is very rare and is always taken as a last resort.
The Government's welfare reforms have been dealt another major blow as the House of Lords threw out plans to charge single parents for using the Child Support Agency.
CHRISTINE FORSTER, operations director, Child Support Agency, Longbenton
Suspicions were eventually raised after the Child Support Agency (CSA) sent three deduction from earnings orders to Scouse House Caf, after earlier ones were ignored.
The Child Support Agency states that "parents who have avoided or missed paying child maintenance will normally be asked to repay the full amount owed immediately".
This article provides the corrections professional a set of basic facts about child support, answers to frequently asked questions, promising practices that many states implement, guidance on how to begin a conversation with the local child support agency, and how to find more child support information and contacts.
Child Support Agency minister Lord McKenzie said today: "If parents fail to pay what they owe, we have the power to order bailiffs to seek payment, get an order for the sale of assets and even prosecute people, which could see them end up in prison.
5bn in maintenance for their children, according to latest figures from the Child Support Agency.
A POLICEMAN has been accused of swindling the Child Support Agency.
A few sites, including the Equal Opportunities Commission, Local E-Government, and the Child Support Agency, were praised for being virtually error-free.
Interestingly, the report also noted that over 40 percent of local child support agency staffers surveyed supported genetic testing for putative fathers.

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