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Dr Siddiqui said unfortunately, Fistula disease is prevalent among the womenfolk residing in far flung and remote areas where the child birth facilities are inadequate and without the availability of properly trained staff.
There are plans to create facilities for safe delivery and newborn care in 254 districts which contribute to about 70 per cent of women dying during child birth in the country.
Researchers believe the findings will help doctors identify women who might need greater care and monitoring in the months leading up to child birth.
Please note before I carry on with this analogy that child birth is something that I have yet to try, but I imagine it'll be a bit knackering, sometimes traumatic, painful and finally rewarding.
The mum of three stars in a new film by the The National Childbirth Trust charity, which promises to show child birth as it has never been seen before.
Diane Dyson is a nurse dedicated to helping mums whose experience of a pregnancy or child birth has not run smoothly and may be in need of specialist help.
More recently, they have added pre-exiting conditions which were exacerbated by pregnancy and child birth.

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