Chinese interest

CHINESE INTEREST. Interest for money charged in China. In a case where a note was given in China, payable eighteen mouths after date, without, any stipulation respecting interest, the court allowed the Chinese interest of one per cent. per month, from the expiration of the eighteen months. 2 Watts & Serg. 227, 264.

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Indeed, there may even be Chinese interest in a revived Severn barrage bid, a project that refuses to die despite official indifference and the internal politics of its proponents.
3, after Chinese interest rates were reduced by another 0.
Chinese interest in investment in Indonesia both in project cooperation and project financing is still strong, Andrinof said here on Tuesday night.
FRANCE has retained its title as the world's top tourist destination in 2013, drawing nearly 85 million visitors despite a lacklustre economic situation, as Chinese interest intensified and North Americans surged back to the country.
Chinese interest in investing in Tasmania has the potential to bring real money and job opportunities, Senator Abetz said.
We are of the firm view that the Chinese interest and participation in rebuilding infrastructure in Afghanistan and support for reconciliation process in that country would greatly enhance the chances of success in our common goals of peace and development," he said, while praising China's efforts to restore peace in war-torn Afghanistan.
But the rising Chinese interest in New Zealand property is also matched by an equally strong outcry by some political parties who are calling upon the government to apply some brakes via appropriate policies.
Nishi said investors now see the possible Chinese interest rate hike as a way to adjust the fast pace of credit growth to prevent the booming economy from overheating.
Al-Shuaibi valued the Chinese interest and sincere desire to get acquainted with the AFZ 's experience and economic activities.
The sector has reacted badly to concerns over earlier than expected Chinese interest rate rises.
The pool of strategic investors to be created by Verte - strong Chinese interest is expected - will also be offered up to 50 per cent of the company at a premium to the current share price on debt funding for the initial stage being secured.
ANKARA, Aug 24, 2010 (TUR) -- Chinese interest in Turkey is growing as the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Turkey and China next year draws closer.

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