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where total_power is total output (transmit) power in W and chip_rate is chip rate in Hz.
New target applications for the Stratix II family include high-end chip rate processing in cellular base stations, multi protocol aggregation, QOS traffic management and image processing for high resolution displays -- once ASIC domains and now addressable by Stratix II devices.
Delivering performance equivalent to a 2GHz single-core DSP, the MSC8122 provides an optimal solution for 3G wireless basestations by reducing the number of DSPs in the system and many of the costly, power-hungry companion ASICs and FPGAs required for both symbol rate and chip rate assist.
The TD-SCDMA libraries are designed to enhance the MRC6011 RCF device's ability to perform the heavily matrix-oriented operations that power uplink and downlink chip rate algorithms in TD-SCDMA.
The IDE also provides integrated symbol rate DSP and advanced chip rate RCF tools, enabling C language programming throughout the baseband (symbol and chip rate).