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CHIROGRAPH, conveyancing. Signifies a deed or public instrument in writing. Chirographs were anciently attested by the subscription and crosses of witnesses; afterwards, to prevent frauds and concealments, deeds of mutual covenant were made in a script and rescript, or in a part and counterpart; and in the middle, between the two copies, they drew the capital letters of the alphabet, and then tallied, or cut asunder in an indented manner, the sheet or skin of parchment, one of which parts being delivered to each of the parties, were proved authentic by matching with and answering to one another. Deeds thus made were denominated syngrapha, by the canonists, because that word, instead of the letters of the alphabet, or the word chirographum, was used. 2 Bl. Com. 296. This method of preventing counterfeiting, or of detecting counterfeits, is now used by having some ornament or some word engraved or printed at one end of certificates of stocks, checks, and a variety of other instruments, which are bound up in a book, and after they are executed, are cut asunder through such ornament or word.
     2. Chirograph is also the last part of, a fine of land, commonly called the foot of the fine. It is an instrument of writing beginning with these. words: "This is the final agreement," &c. It includes the whole matter, reciting the parties, day, year and place, and before Whom the fine was acknowledged and levied. Cruise, Dig. tit. 35, c. 2, s. 52. Vide Chambers' Diet. h.t.; Encyclopaedia Americana, Charter; Encyclopedie de D'Alembert, h.t.; Pothier, Pand. tom. xxii. p. 73.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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2, facsimile of undated chirograph originating in the Qing Hanlin Academy, 1296.
-With the Chirograph of July 18, 2013, the COSEA (Pontifical Commission for Reference on the Organization of the Economic-Administrative Structure) was instituted and given the task of research, analysis and the gathering of information, in cooperation with the Council of Cardinals for the study of the organizational and economic problems of the Holy See.
-With the Chirograph of March 22, 2014, the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors was established, in order "to promote the protection of the dignity of minors and vulnerable adults, using the forms and methods, consonant with the nature of the Church, which they consider most appropriate."
Jocelin's Legacie is a 'chirograph' in Speght's sense, attesting to its author's will to writing under coverture, the mortal hazards for women of marriage and childbirth, and the sexualized matrix of textual production as a discourse addressed to unknown future readers.
(31) 'Chirograph' refers to any formal, written document, especially one that is signed.
for all the contents of the chirograph up to Martinmas in the year of the lord 1292), relates not just to amounts received but for everything owed to the bursar's office.
remaining on the great chirograph, the roll on which all arrears were recorded).
They discuss the events in his life, the creation of documents that witness it, and the conditions under which these records were stored, including the 1596 neighbors' petition against the Blackfriars playhouse, his father's application for a coat of arms, the Quiney papers, indentures and chirographs used in property transactions, his will, the license for the company known as Lord Chamberlain's Men, documents related to his interactions with playing companies, Audit Office records of court productions, the Replingham agreement, and the Blackfriars deed for the purchase of the Blackfriars Gatehouse.
Instead, it has been run according to traditionally handwritten laws issued by various popes called chirographs, through which the Pontiff expresses his legal will.
In both chirographs, Truth is transcribed alongside three other Chaucerian lyrics, all of which are untitled.
The author investigates a multitude of primary documents, including papal chirographs, real estate contracts, payment records, memoranda, parish registers, drawings, and the pope's own diary, to reveal the pontiff's complex and thoughtful initiatives.
On other occasions, we see him using legal devices in a fairly sophisticated and deliberate manner, as when in 1292 he and others of the most important villagers openly published indentured chirographs made between themselves and Henry Crane: Bacon MS.