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Presence/absence Caves Fissures Chiroptera present 27 48 Chiroptera absent 117 56 TABLE 2 Relationship of caves and fissures to the presence of Mormotomyia (p = 0.
53 Order Chiroptera -- -- -- Eumops bonariensis -- -- -- Molossus molossus Tadarida brasiliensis -- -- -- Order Rodentia (native) 11.
To collect evidence of cleft-associated Chiroptera and other vertebrates, guano was closely examined at sites where this had washed out of the cleft, immediately within the entrance and on the relatively flat surfaces of the individual rocks making up the "staircase" within the cleft.
hirsuta exhibits most of the adaptive features noted above, it remains unclear whether these represent adaptations to a cave-dwelling existence alone or whether there is any true association with Chiroptera, either as ectoparasites or phoretically.
B Rodentia Trachea Immortalized Crocsu-Lu Soricomorpha Lung Immortalized PipNi Chiroptera Kidney Immortalized A549 Primates Lung Immortalized Vero E6 Primates Kidney Immortalized * Species of origin was confirmed by sequencing of the cytochrome c subunit oxidase I gene.
Key Words: bat, Chiroptera, radiomicrophone, high altitude, foraging, bat detector
Key words: bat, Chiroptera, distribution, Georgia, range, roosting ecology.
Relative to the reference category, species classified in the order Chiroptera were less likely to have visible disease (p<0.
6 Soricomorpha Cryptotis parva (North American least shrew) - - Chiroptera Lasiurus borealis (eastern red bat) 0.