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Perfected, complete, or certain.

A choate right is an undefeatable right that is totally valid and cannot be subsequently lessened or altered by later claims. If someone purchases a plot of land totally free from encumbrances, that person has a choate property interest in the land.

A choate lien is one to which nothing further must be done to make it enforceable. Elements such as the identity of the lienor and the property that is subject to the lien are established; thus, the lien is certain and definite.

Inchoate, the opposite of choate, is the more commonly used phrase. It means unfinished or incomplete and is used to describe a number of things such as liens, rights, crimes, or interests. For example the term inchoate Battery can be used to describe an assault.

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The rain eventually let up, but Choate (6-0) didn't.
The weather may still be wet, but it will be consistently good enough, and the lawn will be emerging from its slumber," Choate says.
There is a transition in the market from a business consumer of our services to an individual consumer," Choate said.
He unearthed notes written by George St John, the President's former headmaster at Choate School in Connecticut, which suggest he had been aware of the 'ask not' line for many years.
Curtis began his duties as Headmaster of Choate Rosemary Hall on July 1.
Choate Servicio Meritorio--Se otorga a un individuo que haya contribuido servicio sobresaliente a la Southwestern Association of Naturalists.
The title of the present book tells us that Choate is by no means anticapitalist.
In his conclusion, Choate provides evidence that Italian immigrants never cut their ties with the mother country.
He said there were strong ties of co-operation between Choate and the CPISP, which places its government school recipients into prep or boarding secondary schools for two years to improve their English language skills.
In one of the nation's lowest-ranked states in terms of college graduates, Choate said students sometimes decide too late to apply to universities.
Choate had successfully undergone a major rebranding exercise a couple of years earlier and we wanted to similarly brand Choate among law students.
Choate (1) has stood for the proposition that financially-motivated limitations and cutbacks in state-provided health care services imposing significant negative impacts on people with disabilities are very difficult to challenge successfully under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ("Rehabilitation Act") (2) and, for similar reasons, under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA").