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CHOICE. Preference either of a person or thing, to one of several other persons or things. Election. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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What is important to the purveyors of this new slant on feminism is the desire to reduce its interest in women liberation to the celebration of choice as is evident in the debate in the mainstream and social media recently on account of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's question to Hillary Clinton about the prominence of her status as a wife in her Twitter bio at the recent PEN World Voices Festival in Manhattan.
When people are confronted with too many choices or believe the selection process is too complex, they opt for an easier choice method such as choosing a default, choosing randomly, choosing not to choose, or letting someone else choose for them.
Strong leadership will address "many choices to make" through prioritization.
Not surprisingly, General Semantics (GS) has much to offer in the way of helping you to make better choices and to reduce the stress and regret that often accompanies decision-making.
Linthorpe mum-of-two Helen Costello was pleased to hear her threeyear-old son James was going to their first school of choice, Linthorpe Primary, come September.
One situational variable that creates ambiguity that has been overlooked as a contributor to conformity is quantity of response choice. A comparison across conformity studies shows varying levels of choice options, but none have manipulated choice quantity as the variable of interest in conformity.
Falling somewhere between victim feminism and the American dream, choice feminism is the new reigning queen of empowerment discourse.
BRight Choices treats will be available year-round with Premium Churned Light Vanilla and Milk Chocolate, and Fat Free Frozen Vanilla Yogurt permanent additions to the dipping cabinet.
Is it reasonable to think that an investment committee can watch over hundreds of investment choices? Probably not.
The consumer research conducted by the board and MeringCarson led directly to the development of the Wise Choices campaign.
Once a decision making style has been identified, the counselor can then present information and frame choices in a complementary rather than conflicting manner.