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The Gap's many choices, he says, have made buying jeans "a complex decision in which I was forced to invest time, energy, and no small amount of self-doubt, anxiety, and dread" In the words of a Glamour editorial that cites Schwartz, "It's enough to give even the most pro-choice girl one big headache.
School choice, as written into federal law, was intended to provide an escape for kids stuck in lousy situations, while at the same time spurring competition for reform.
There, choice did not compel the school system to change its routines, but it did lead to a loosening of "bureaucratic procedures and organizational routines" that allowed some educational entrepreneurs to do their thing.
Patient Choice has worked for nearly a decade to create a true market based on value for purchasing of health care services," said Ann Robinow, Medica vice president and general manager of the Patient Choice business segment.
But in the year Roosevelt ran for president under the Progressive Party banner, Americans had a choice between a socialist, a right-wing Republican, and two very different flavors of progressive This year, Cherny's generation got a choice between two candidates who quibbled over small details of center-right economic plans.
Elite Choice helps ensure school districts are complying with IRS rules for 403(b) & 457(b) plans.
To help members make sound decisions, Express Choice is supported by an interactive and online tool available during open enrollment that:
Star Choice customers will get a free three-month preview, after which it becomes part of Star Choice's Smart Stuff bundle.
Introducing the Patient Choice program in Massachusetts will give health care purchasers an opportunity to effect change in health care and put more competition into this market.
The consumer research conducted by the board and MeringCarson led directly to the development of the Wise Choices campaign.
Once a decision making style has been identified, the counselor can then present information and frame choices in a complementary rather than conflicting manner.
But as choices and individual control have expanded, economists and behavioral psychologists have begun to document some unexpected ways people actually react to these new marketplace choices.