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Following interrogation, the accused admitted that they watched Oye Lucky Lucky Oye many times and closely monitored the modus operandi of its main character, which was based on the notorious Bunty Chor," Singh said.
The choirs formed a strong bond and both sang at the wedding between CMCC member Tom Marlow and Stuttgart Chor Art member Amandine at their wedding in France in 2008.
Yn ystod blynyddoedd y 1920au amcangyfrifid fod oddeutu 20,000 yn ymweld a Chor y Cewri yn flynyddol.
Ian Haselhurst, prosecuting, said Chor then went behind the bar and smashed up the pumps flooding the area with lager.
Chor [18] is a simple process language, and a simplified model of WS-CDL, for describing peers from a global point of view.
Lawrence Chor, an analyst with Taifook Research, reiterated advice investors to invest in the company.
In reaction, the treasury benches also started chanting "Chor Chor Bank Chor" and "Bank Chor Machaye Shor".
Mulla Karam, alias Maulvi Salis, was killed near Chor square, said the governors spokesman, Daud Ahmadi.
The signing ceremony was witnessed by Deputy Finance Minister I, Datuk Wira Chor Chee Heung.
In September 2009, four notable aerosol artists--who go by the monikers Chor Boogie, Siloette, Elicser, and Mediah--were commissioned by The United Church of Canada to create the 30-foot-by 60-foot mural to engage the public with an artistic expression of faith.
Yn camu i'r llwyfan heno bydd cor CF1 a Cordydd, ill dau o Gaerdydd, Tempus o Sir Benfro a Chor Eifionydd.
Tang Wee Sung, 56, received the organ from organised crime leader Tan Chor Jin, who was executed in Singapore on Friday for a 2006 murder.