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The other posterior tympanic spaces are: Posterior tympanic sinus which is present superiorly to sinus tympani, Facial recess which is present to vertical part of facial nerve and medial to chorda tympani nerve, Lateral tympanic sinus which is present inferior to facial recess.
decrease of the chorda tympani nerve terminal field in the nucleus of
The chorda tympani nerve is the largest branch of the facial nerve in the intrapetrous compartment; it splits from the facial nerve just before it exits via the stylomastoid foramen.
When the posterior part of the bony annulus is removed to visualise the stapes, the chorda tympani nerve (CTN) can be occasionally touched and stretched.
We conducted a study to assess the use of the chorda tympani nerve in reconstruction of the ossicular chain.
E H Sham et al (12) found in his study that 50% of the cases had possible injury to chorda tympani nerve, however no patients complained of altered taste or dry mouth.
Our results show that in this group of CSOM cases, when the chorda tympani nerve was divided early and without prior manipulation, patients experienced rates of dysgeusia comparable to those seen in other studies.
To help further define this area, we used computer-aided design software to measure (I) the angle between the facial nerve and the chorda tympani nerve and (2) the distance between the takeoff point of the chorda tympani and the posteriormost prominent point of the short process of the incus in 30 cadaveric adult temporal bones.
The chorda tympani nerve was engulfed in disease and was sacrificed to aid in exposure and resection.
The operation proceeded without incident (the chorda tympani nerve, the stapedial tendon, and both the anterior and posterior crura of the stapes were identified) until a facial nerve dehiscence was noted.
The chorda tympani nerve deserves a great deal of attention.