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Following the consent procedure, the researcher explained to each participant what a choropleth map was and how a tactile choropleth map could be produced with a different number of classes.
On a choropleth map, those districts are larger and therefore attract more visual attention than is warranted by their limited population.
Choropleth maps best demonstrate the changing prevalence of HIV among recruits from each district.
For the map outputs, two cartographical methods were used--diagram map and choropleth map.
We can look at how the more prominent role of Europe and high-income countries compares with the rest of the world in more detail in the choropleth maps shown in figures 2-4.
The study makes use of Centrality Functional Index (CFI) and Rank Mobility Index (RMI) along with spatial visualization techniques using GIS-making use of isolines/density buffers and choropleth maps.
To represent data by area, choropleth maps are often used, in which each area is colored or shaded according to the measurement of the statistical variable being displayed.
The choropleth maps of rates and Local Indicators of Spatial Autocorrelation (LISA) cluster maps by period show a complex pattern (shown in Figure 2).
Similar to choropleth maps, a dasymetric map utilizes standardized data (i.