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At this stage, Task 2 with two subtasks enabled us to verify whether the participants figured out how to interact with the choropleth map (i.
Following the consent procedure, the researcher explained to each participant what a choropleth map was and how a tactile choropleth map could be produced with a different number of classes.
The census tract choropleth map (Figure 5) suffers from having too many small districts and too many districts with either no observations or only one observation.
These relationships connected numerical data to the polygons (village) as a source data for the choropleth maps and the bar diagrams.
Another mapping option is a choropleth map using the cells as the mapping units.
Changes within a dynamic choropleth map can be effectively categorized using cross-change characterization arrays (Monmonier 1975; Goldsberry 2004).
When mapping estimates for one time frame using a choropleth map, estimates are usually put into categories.
By applying distinct colors to the cells of a bicomponent trend matrix, as in Figures 5 and 6, it is then possible to apply the same colors in a choropleth map.
Known as local smoothing algorithms, one begins with a raster version of the choropleth map.
Although dasymetric maps are similar to choropleth maps with respect to the types of data that are being displayed, dasymetric techniques do not classify data based on predefined zonal boundaries.
One can, for example, classify the data using a self-organizing map technique and see the results in a parallel coordinate plot and a choropleth map.
It is designed to provide an easy and powerful way to create choropleth maps that are tightly integrated with your data.