chosen few

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A few years ago he had landed in England friendless and unknown, to-day he had stepped out from even amongst the chosen few and had planted his feet in the higher lands whither the faces of all men are turned.
This place, to which only a chosen few were admitted, looked like a chapel and a second-hand shop, so filled was it with devotional and heterogeneous things.
But if there is an absolute necessity for their mention, a chosen few might hear them in a mystery, and they should sacrifice not a common [Eleusinian] pig, but some huge and unprocurable victim; and then the number of the hearers will be very few indeed.
I show him, in the way you have seen, to a chosen few.
He foresaw honour and credit in the mouths of a chosen few, coming to him from his pupil.
A chosen few from both Houses are getting billions worth of projects in areas of their choices and districts,' Lacson said in a text message.
SO what is socialism other than another form of capitalism but where only a chosen few prosper from the efforts of the majority?
Skating is a lot like martial arts: the secrets of the sport get passed on to a chosen few.
JORDAN SPIETH'S Masters brainstorm was bad news for many punters and good news for the chosen few.
Because not only will she be slaving away in the kitchen all day, creating delectable morsels, she has also rather cleverly hinted (very heavily) to a chosen few to bring a platter or two themselves.
It is ideal for busy executives who want to skim through the wide variety of approaches taken by their chosen few.
THERE'S an animal that can be found Inhabiting a planet called Earth Two arms, two legs, a body, a head So helpless are they from birth They eat, sleep and drink to survive And shout and scream and smile A god in the sky is their idol On love and hate they thrive Money is the evil thing With that depends their lives Having a lot they have a chance On little they barely survive Communication is different sounds By all colours and creeds alike These animals called the human race Could learn to live in peace and to unite It would only take a chosen few To lead them to what is right If the mass of animals choose to ignore Then destruction could be in sight.