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The Easter door into that life stands wide open for everyone, because the Christian gospel is meant for everyone.
We attended the Coptic Orthodox Church's new year celebrations in the New South Wales Parliament, an interesting experience that allowed us to hear a very different theological and historical framework for the Christian gospel, grown from experience and shaping the present existence and story of the church.
We also affirm that the EDL's use of the Christian religion to support their perspective is a blasphemous misinterpretation of the Christian Gospel.
The driving force of this testimony is Christian humanism as "critical humanism," which "arises out of the Christian gospel, challenging the dehumanizing powers of the world, whether secular or religious, in the interests of human well-being" (18).
We are licence Mrs The church to my knowledge has never been homophobic and the Christian gospel is a message of love to "all" of God's children.
But the Christian Gospel demonstrates reconciliation of mankind to God through His Son.
Quiet and remote it may be, but thousands go there every year because Iona is one of the most holy places of pilgrimage - the place where St Columba first landed to bring the Christian Gospel to Britain in 563AD.
The radio station broadcasts traditional Christian Gospel to the conservative Protestant community and minister to the general public.
Mali, The Christian Gospel and Its Jewish Roots: A Redaction-Critical Study of Mark 2:21-22 in Context.
The BNP has nothing to do with Christianity and many of its hate-filled, fear-generating messages are completely counter to the loving challenge of the Christian gospel.
In the production, Day-Lewis and Del Toro would play two Jesuit priests facing violence and persecution as they search for their mentor and spread the Christian gospel in Japan.
This is a new era of the Christian gospel that has to go around especially at a time when there is war.

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