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1966 -- National Council of Churches forms ad hoc committee (National Committee of Negro Churchmen) to address Black Power in light of the Christian gospel
Thus, native women, while serving the missionary's agenda, used the Christian gospel to elevate their status and to transform the Telugu culture.
Ryrie's fine study clearly shows the delicate "balancing act" required of those who sought fidelity to the Christian Gospel while also desiring to be loyal to their king, even when they perceived he was neglecting God's Word.
We are committed to bringing the mission of Senior Independence to as many seniors as possible, which is 'to provide older adults with caring and quality services toward the enhancement of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, consistent with the Christian Gospel.
dares to challenge black theology's and progressive churches' normative conclusions essentializing the Christian gospel as liberation.
Incidentally, as a believer in the Christian Gospel, I have learnt how similar Christianity and Islam are.
In his previous work with Hesselgrave, Rommen says, he understood the nature of the Christian Gospel in terms of a message that had to be made clear to those who had not accepted it.
The Christian gospel according to the teachings of Jesus and his disciples is a gospel fundamentally based upon loving our neighbors as ourselves, a gospel founded on the principles of social justice.
To those who find the Christian gospel irrelevant, Stuchbery offers his own personal and community experience of what he calls the "something more"--a "golden thread of experience" of God in the world and in his own life.
Presbyteries and sessions now will examine candidates for ordination or installation with the standard being that a candidate's "manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel in the church and in the world.
None the less, the Christian gospel emphasises care for the stranger and practical support for refugees.
Equality in the sight of Almighty God is a fundamental truth of the Christian gospel.

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