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Protestant Christian Church in Bali (GKPB) [Indonesia]
Degges considers the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination to be the first "new" church on American soil.
DURHAM CATHEDRAL The Christian Church has the enthusiastic backing of Robert Murphy.
Brown doesn't merely suggest that the Christian Church in general, and the Catholic Church in particular, hates sex, viewing it as dirty; he also invents the ultimate sexual rebellion: Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, marries Mary Magdalene and bears a child.
Rather, working from a model of "Trinitarian Christology," he argues that the Logos and the Spirit remain active outside the Christian Church both before and after the death of Christ.
A story making the rounds in Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) circles says that the pope, when advised of the start of talks between the Disciples and the Vatican, asked in puzzlement: "The Apostles I know, but who are these Disciples?
In response to decreased holiday contributions to local charities, The Bay Area Christian church (BACC), (www.
He and his wife, Sharon, were both baptized into Christ at the Tamaroa Christian Church.
The Christian Church Disciples of Christ - a small mainline Protestant denomination - had a steep drop in its members in recent decades.
com), a Raleigh-based full-service public relations firm, has announced that the firm has been named the public relations agency of record for World Overcomers Christian Church (http://www.
Both are members of the Norkenzie Christian Church.
This volume is a paperback reprint of The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, 3d ed.

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