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ANNO DOMINI, in the year of our Lord, abbreviated, A. D. The computation of time from the incarnation of our Saviour which is used as the date of all public deeds in the United States and Christian countries, on which account it is called the "vulgar vera."

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Divorce and widow remarriage were allowed in the pre Christian era, child marriages and forced self-immolation at the funeral pyre of the husband were rare (Madhavananda & Mazumdar, 1953, p.
But nevertheless, the Islamic scientific tradition continued in a creative manner into the twelfth to thirteenth Islamic centuries, that is eighteenth to nineteenth centuries of the Christian Era.
Not surprisingly then, from the early Christian era on, Catholicism's incarnational consciousness has manifested itself in devotional literature and art which uses metaphors of bodily pleasure and pain to bring the believer closer to a loving relationship with God.
The Zionists have made a special effort to downplay the presence of Christians in the Holy Land in the first three centuries of the Christian era, implying, as did former West Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek, that "Christianity .
Aramaic became the international language of much of the Near East several centuries before the beginning of the Christian era and continued to be so for several centuries into it.
1900 The editor, Ephraim Scott, welcomes the new year as the one to close century and "the most notable that the world has seen since the first year of the Christian era.
EVERYONE is talking about the millennium being the 2000th year after the birth of Jesus Christ - but, according to an authentic chronological table showing the interesting events in history, Jesus Christ was born four years before the start of the Christian era.
These international tourist destinations were also originally places of worship, so it's not unexpected to see these images, among seventy-eight other works by Struth, displayed here, a few yards from the Maison Carree - a Roman temple from the beginning of the Christian era now transformed, naturally, into.
The social dislocation associated with the frequent calamities of the early Christian era, and the other-oriented character of Christian values (as compared to paganism), created numerous new pagan-Christian relationships.
and the first century of the Christian era from the empiricism and anti-transcendentalism of Hellenistic philosophy, with its predominantly epistemological emphases, to the restored theories of transcendentalist Platonism which dominated the final centuries of ancient thought.
In late antiquity and the beginning of the Christian era, however, notions of 'tragedy' were, as Kelly reveals in the second chapter, already ambiguous: the poets described various modes of performance (sung, acted, read), whereas the grammarians discussed the historical authenticity of the genre.
This plays havoc with "the rights of the individual" we have come to cherish in our libertarian condition at the end of the second millennium of the Christian era.

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