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When the British came to India they had a problem classifying people for municipal or other records, so they adopted the western model of Christian name, Middle name and Surname.
Attenborough added: "It is disappointing that not all trainers have agreed to their Christian names appearing on racecards, but over time I hope those who have not adopted it will see the merits of it, particularly if they want to promote their businesses.
POPE Benedict XVI yesterday called on parents to use proper Christian names when naming children.
To continue to refer to Calvin's Christian name in English is ethnocentric: what would the Presbyterian churches of Scotland, Canada, and the United States say if French-speaking Protestants refer to Knox's Christian name as Jean?
Aa The 46-year-old Asaad was accused of changing her name on her national identification card from Sohair Mohamed Mostafa, the name she had adopted as a Muslim, to a Christian name.
Some people were surprised at first by giving a mosque a Christian name," a priest who asked not to be named, told Gulf News.
However, most villagers, where I have lived, have a Christian name and a native name.
When I was asked by councillors to use their christian name I always replied "yes councillor" blatantly ignoring the request.
Ivana, who believes in keeping the red flag flying is clearly leaving her new daughter's political options wide open for the future if her Christian name is anything to go by.
For your chance to win just tell me Sharpe's Christian name.
Where it has been used as a Christian name in the past it has been reserved exclusively for girls.

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