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Attenborough added: "It is disappointing that not all trainers have agreed to their Christian names appearing on racecards, but over time I hope those who have not adopted it will see the merits of it, particularly if they want to promote their businesses.
POPE Benedict XVI yesterday called on parents to use proper Christian names when naming children.
To continue to refer to Calvin's Christian name in English is ethnocentric: what would the Presbyterian churches of Scotland, Canada, and the United States say if French-speaking Protestants refer to Knox's Christian name as Jean?
In 2004, she issued a computerized national identification card stating both her Christian name and faith.
When given a Christian name, the girls are often named after their mothers and are tagged with the Jr.
Dr Clive Griffin, a lecturer in Latin American literature at the university, said he had never heard of Cruz being used as a boy's Christian name.
Both Ciappelli in this section, and Anthony Molho, in the fourth section on the transmission of memory, point to reasons of state to explain, on one hand, the proliferation of libri di famiglia, and on the other, a sudden surge in the use of surnames in documents between 1300 and the mid-Quattrocento, culminating in the organization of the 1458 index to the Tratte (drawings for offices) for the first time by surname rather than by Christian name.
At first a sign of conversion, taking a Christian name was later associated with the rites of passage marked by the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders.
2) TV QUIZ 1 What was Private Walker's christian name in Dad's Army?
7 What was Lofty's real christian name in EastEnders?
Derren can't even spell his Christian name correctly.
In the end I searched for his daughter by just her Christian name, age and her father's Christian name.

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