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The 2008 Oaks-winning trainer said: "My Christian name is spelt one way and pronounced another, so that's the long and short of it.
POPE Benedict XVI yesterday called on parents to use proper Christian names when naming children.
I have written before that many children are given Christian names after recently deceased people.
Which member of the royal family has the Christian names Henry Charles Albert David?
com and you can search both Christian names and surnames.
the study by Jean-Francois Amadieu categorises 196 commonly used Christian names as "bourgeois", "working-class" and of North African origin.
Then Hussein and his family are forced to give up their names and are ordered to choose Christian names.
Their real name was Bell and their Christian names were Carol and Sue, who were twins,and sister Jean.
Two of them, "Meerck Puffy" and "P Lobe" (not their Christian names, if you need to ask), were attempting to make music with a Moog and a ring modulator, a synthesizer that produces only the sum and difference frequencies of two input signals.
Then he might possibly wish to eliminate Welsh surnames and Welsh Christian names.
Christian names coach - finally: Santa Clartia Christian postponed its first two games because the school couldn't find a softball coach.
According to the Studite Rule, the monks retain their Christian names.

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