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CHRISTIANITY. The religion established by Jesus Christ.
     2. Christianity has been judicially declared to be a part of the common law of Pennsylvania; 11 Serg. & Rawle, 394; 5 Binn. R.555; of New York, 8 Johns. R. 291; of Connecticut, 2 Swift's System, 321; of Massachusetts, Dane's Ab. vol. 7, c. 219, a. 2, 19. To write or speak contemptuously and maliciously against it, is an indictable offence. Vide Cooper on the Law of Libel, 59 and 114, et seq.; and generally, 1 Russ. on Cr. 217; 1 Hawk, c. 5; 1 Vent. 293; 3 Keb. 607; 1 Barn. & Cress. 26. S. C. 8 Eng. Com. Law R. 14; Barnard. 162; Fitzgib. 66; Roscoe, Cr. Ev. 524; 2 Str. 834; 3 Barn. & Ald. 161; S. C. 5 Eng. Com. Law R. 249 Jeff. Rep. Appx. See 1 Cro. Jac. 421 Vent. 293; 3 Keb. 607; Cooke on Def. 74; 2 How. S. C. 11 ep. 127, 197 to 201.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(13) Trinitarian monotheism, incarnation, a morality which is based on the dignity of every person created in the image and likeness of God and sacramentality, are constitutive features of Christian spirituality because it is Christian and most authentically so when it includes in its scope both humanity and nature.
Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality, edited by Thomas Ryan.
Christian spirituality, therefore, is "not so much our search for God but God's search for us", that we might share His life for eternity, to live with and in Him.
Some books, like those of Esther De Waal, focus specifically on Celtic Christian spirituality. Other books, like those of Ian Bradley, introduce Celtic Christianity as a whole.
The first wave, from 664-800 C.E., was marked by a yearning for that perceived golden age of the saints, a nostalgia felt by Celts living in the British Isles, by conquerors who eulogized the vanquished, and by exiles on the Continent where, Bradley insists, the appeal of Celtic Christian spirituality was first felt.
His stated aim is to articulate a comprehensive and balanced Christian spirituality, one rooted in the church, in a way that helps Christians clarify and deepen "the way we are related to God, others, and the cosmic world" (p.
offers profound insight and is highly recommended for Christian spirituality shelves, church library collections, and personal study.
This book, an undeniable classic of Christian spirituality, often ranked as the third most popular spiritual book of all time behind only the Bible and The Imitation of Christ.
Chapters consider the underlying attitudes and insights of the Bible during the process of connecting Biblical text to Jesus' life and the actions of his followers, offering a scholarly yet accessible blueprint for living that belongs in the collections of any Christian spirituality holding.
He stresses that, although there are tensions in the ideas of the two men, both were striving for a sense of personality that tends toward a post- ecclesiastical Christian spirituality. He argues that a denial of this spirituality, central to Western personhood, creates a "post-religious predicament." He first presents some background on the lesser-known Berdyaev before comparing the philosophies of the two.
But if you're ready to integrate the new cosmology into your Christian spirituality, Cannato is the perfect guide.

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