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In the previous sections, we numerically demonstrated that the proposed fiber has an exceptional chromatic dispersion flatness with low dispersion slope and large effective area in the S+C+L communication band.
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To meet the emerging metrology needs of the telecommunications industry, NIST scientists have significantly improved NISTs measurement capabilities for chromatic dispersion. Dispersion causes data pulses in optical fiber systems to broaden, resulting in transmission errors.
Soliton technology uses the nonlinear properties of the material employed, making transmission much more robust to the effects of chromatic dispersion. Using this technique, a separate pump laser is required to provide an energy boost since no transmission medium is perfect and the optical fibres require extra energy to retain their original shape and energy.
High-speed EMLs are ideal for long distance transmission due to their small chirp and low chromatic dispersion in fiber.
To ensure efficient chromatic dispersion compensation, it is necessary to keep the length of the cyclically extended guard interval longer than the delay spread caused by chromatic dispersion.
On the other hand, Forzati, Berntson, and M[grados]artensson (2008) demonstrate that asynchronous phase modulation increases transmission for the NRZ-OOK system in ultra-long distance WDM systems; in the same line of analysis, we find Alzate and Cardenas (2011), who highlight advanced modulation formats for the transmission of 40/100Gb/s, compared to the standard technology of 10Gb/s, on optical fiber in short and long distance, as well as some degradations caused by: noise produced by optical amplifiers, chromatic dispersion, PMD and effects of fiber nonlinearities.
By using the single sideband suppression mode there is a better reduction of chromatic dispersion and requires less bandwidth for the transmission of data.
(iii) Intramodal: it is also known as chromatic dispersion when the index of refraction changes with frequency inside the material.