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8 Similarly, Malik and Zafar reported in their case report that virtual reality through exer-gaming has a significant effect in enhancing the mobility in chronic stroke.
Primed Physical Therapy Enhances Recovery of Upper Limb Function in Chronic Stroke Patients.
The results of these two cross-sectional studies with individuals with chronic stroke found low rates of recruitment and retention.
Our previous clinic-based study of the MusicGlove [27-28] included participants with a chronic stroke of similar duration and similar levels of initial hand impairment as the current study.
2004) found evidence supporting the use of intramuscular NMES in reducing HSP via a multicenter, single-blinded, randomized clinical trial involving 61 chronic stroke survivors.
4] In our previous work, we retrospectively examined exercise testing results from 62 chronic stroke survivors.
The purpose of this pilot study is to objectify improvements in motor function of paretic upper limb of sub acute or chronic stroke patients combining classical physical therapy with seawater hydrotherapy and other Talassotherapy techniques following a program of intensive neurorehabilitation of 2 or 3 weeks in a thalassotherapy center (spa therapy).
In a small pilot study, researchers tested the potential benefits of yoga among chronic stroke survivors - those whose stroke occurred more than six months earlier.
Other articles consider scientific aspects; EEG diagnostic measures; analysis of positron emission tomography data; imaging of the olfactory cortex in Parkinson's patients; scent and arousal in long-term driving; music therapy; speech sound analysis in early detection of cognitive impairment; the role of lipids in cognitive impairment; the relationship between knee extension strength and activities of daily living in dementia patients; a bilateral assistance and coordination rehabilitation training system; rehabilitation devices for hand movement disorders; and the use of mesh glove neurostimulation for motor recovery in chronic stroke.
Asked about the services which are available at this center he mentioned various orthopaedic, neurological rehabilitation programmes, musculoskeletal disorder programmes, cardiac rehabilitation Phase- II and III programmes, pulmonary rehabilitation, sports injury clinic and work related injuries management, exercise programmes during pregnancy, acute and chronic pain management, post operative including hip and knee replacement rehabilitation, acute and chronic stroke recovery management and rehabilitation, functional disabilities and amputation rehabilitation, fitness screening through micro fitness evaluation system, fitness Wight reduction pogrammes.

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