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So yes, there are burgers, but just like I explained before, it'll be made using freshly cut chuck steak.
6kg good–quality steak mince or ideally ground chuck steak (ask your butcher to do this for you)
For example, slow roasting a leg of lamb or using chuck steak in a tagine.
Chuck Steak said it was probably the worst advert he saw in a long time, while Mohammed Hamza thinks otherwise, to which Andrew Williams retorted, "If Nokia had their way, we'd be mindless zombies all using their wares and OS.
They will also have to use at least one, although they can use all, of the following secondary ingredients: chuck steak (2kg); ox cheek (500g); and one ox tail.
Ask butcher to cut chuck steak into three-inch dices, or cut into small steaks across the grain.
There is a danger for the retailer, if for example, they are selling chuck steaks and that chuck steak ends up on the barbecue, that's going to be a nasty eating experience," says Carpenter.
The bistro steak, a $16 nightly special built around pepper- and spice-rubbed chuck steak, initially gave me pause.
That's about the amount in your favorite zinc-enriched breakfast cereal such as specially fortified cornflakes or raisin bran--or in a sizzling, 6-ounce beef chuck steak, for instance.
5L V-6, an easy-to-understand Torque-On-Demand 4WD system, lots of ground clearance and a chassis that is tougher than a chuck steak at the local truck stop.