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It shows a collection of works from of well-known artists such as Giacometti and Segantini or Angelika Kauffmann, who was born in Chur
In 1988, John Paul appointed the conservative Haas coadjutor bishop of Chur with right of succession, thus bypassing the cathedral chapter's traditional right to elect its bishop from a set of three names proposed by Rome.
26 billion and the widening of Roads from both sides at Chur Chowk has been started.
No sooner was Haas ordained bishop, May 22, 1990 -- the guests had to tread nimbly over the prostrate bodies of protesters -- than he announced to general astonishment that Vonderach had resigned "on grounds of health" and that he therefore was now bishop of Chur.
As deidh sin, thoisich oifigearan nan criochan ri stad a chur air luchdsiubhail aig steiseanan reile, 's iad a' faighneachd co iad agus co as a tha iad.
Chan eil Camshron buileach a' tuigsinn cho sealbhach 's a bha e ann an Libya far an do thuit an riaghaltas gun feachdan an Iar a chur a-steach.
Sin agad a-nis comharrachadh air celeb gaisgeil, te a tha deonach an iomhaigh aice a chur an cunnart san t-sri airson ceartais.
Invitation to tender: New building management center sinergia, Chur / BKP 212 assembly in concrete, concrete elements including thermal insulation
Invitation to tender: New building administrative center sinergia, Chur / BKP 379.
von Harry Wolfensberger, Stadthaus, Masanserstrasse 2, 7000 Chur, Schweiz,