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The Chur family will retain two assisted living residences.
Chur is the centre for your winter sports enjoyment.
From Chur, you can also discover where Heidi lived in the famous wine growing region of "Bundner Herrschaft".
15 Gault Millaud Points) This is the top eatery in Chur, situated above the city with fantastic view over the old town of Chur
OXFORD, England -- After five years of hemming and hawing, Pope John Paul has at least moved to resolve the problem of the Chur, Switzerland, diocese.
No sooner was Haas ordained bishop, May 22, 1990 -- the guests had to tread nimbly over the prostrate bodies of protesters -- than he announced to general astonishment that Vonderach had resigned "on grounds of health" and that he therefore was now bishop of Chur.
Last January I wrote: "The Haas case represents both a dead-end and a reductio ad absurdum: the irresistible force of public opinion seems to have met an immovable obstacle -- the papal determination to impose this wholly unsuitable man on Chur.
Vals lies an hour away from Chur by car, deep in a valley dotted with shepherd huts and enlivened by the sound of cowbells.
Martin Kopp, head of the Council of Priests in Chur, was even more blunt in 1997, telling the Associated Press that Haas was "psychologically incapable" of listening to opponents.
The Chur diocese encompasses seven of Switzerland's cantons, or provinces, including the city of Zurich -- known for its progressive brand of Catholicism.
Nor to the roofs of the Lille TGV station of 1991 and the one over the Chur bus/rail station of 1988, again by Peter Rice and in association with the French firm of RFR.