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CHURCH. In a moral or spiritual sense this word signifies a society of persons who profess the Christian religion; and in a physical or material sense, the place where such. persons assemble. The term church is nomen collectivum; it comprehends the chancel, aisles, and body of the church. Ham. N. P. 204.
     2. By the English law, the terms church or chapel, and church-yard, are expressly recognized as in themselves correct and technical descriptions of the building and place, even in criminal proceedings. 8 B. & C. *25; 1 Salk. 256; 11 Co. 25 b; 2 Esp. 5, 28.
     3. It is not within the plan of this work to give an account of the different local regulations in the United States respecting churches. References are here given to enable the inquirer to ascertain what they are, where such regulations are known to exist. 2 Mass. 500; 3 Mass. 166; 8 Mass. 96; 9 Mass. 277; Id. 254; 10 Mass. 323; 15 Mass. 296 16 Mass. 488; 6 Mass. 401; 10 Pick. 172 4 Day, C. 361; 1 Root Sec. 3, 440; Kirby, 45; 2 Caines' Cas. 336; 10 John. 217; 6 John. 85; 7 John. 112; 8 John. 464; 9 John. 147; 4 Desaus. 578; 5 Serg. & Rawle, 510; 11 Serg. & Rawle, 35; Metc. & Perk. Dig. h.t.; 4 Whart. 531.

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One of the church signs says they are a welcoming congregation.
This chapter reminded me of a church sign that asked, "Are there sources of truth other than the Bible?" It is a striking question in a culture that increasingly wonders whether there is truth to be found anywhere and that seldom looks to Scripture as one of those sources.
Pray for a stronger back." Another church sign, in tune with general fitness, reads, "Exercise daily.
Carrying her scrawled It's My Church sign, Doyle joined a picket line of seven.
Why won't Burnt Church sign? Why won't Indian Brook sign?
She dances in front of the church sign before posing for photographs and carrying out a number of degrading acts in the churchyard.
We want nothing to do with a church sign I saw recently: "A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing with God." No, we don't believe any of that.
Cournoyer was a founding member of St George's Catholic Church where he ran the coffee shop, rebuilt the church sign and was a member of the mens' club.
Chris Clarke responds: We figured that as each of the two simulated church sign images accompanying Ms.
COMMUNITY'S ANGER The Reverend Lawrence Davies' parish of St Paul's in Grangetown, where parishioners have expressed their outrage by blacking out his name on the church sign.
However, as we returned home, the church sign guided my musings to the many ways we can express evangelistic devotion.
Stephen's curb appeal to potential members by devising welcoming messages for the church sign.