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The practice whereby a Broker dealing in Securities abuses the confidence of a client for personal gain by unnecessarily trading stocks to earn more commissions.


n. the unethical and usually illegal excessive buying and selling of shares of stock for a customer by a stockbroker or sales agent for the purpose of obtaining high sales commissions.

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Churning is also a problem in the mutual fund industry.
The old way: Study for Woman Churning Butter, a pencil-and-black crayon sketch on paper by French painter Jean-Francois Millet, 1814-1875.
But just because churning is simple doesn't make it right.
As a child growing up on a small farm in Covington County, one of my "chores" was churning the cream to make butter.
A 2% churn rate translates into around a quarter of a mobile operator's customer base churning off the network in the course of the year.
But making ice cream requires some time and advance planning, since in most recipes an ice cream base is cooked on top of the stove in advance and must be chilled several hours prior to churning in an ice cream machine.