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the total of cost, insurance and freight charges to be paid on goods purchased and shipped.

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‘cost, insurance, freight’, a special type of sale of goods. The quoted price includes the cost of the goods, the cost of insurance while the goods are in transit and the cost of the freight to the destination. It clearly eases the buying of goods across national boundaries, especially so where distance is involved. The seller is in the best position to obtain a good price for insurance and freight, so the utility of the standard contract is evident. The seller delivers the goods to the carrier and sends the invoice, insurance policy and bill of lading to the buyer.
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The bonds are a joint obligation of the eight Participating Florida College System Institutions (PFCSI), secured by and payable from a first lien on capital improvement fees (CIF) collected by PFCSIs.
CIFs can be structured to meet the QDIA requirements so that plan fiduciaries will be protected when a participant is defaulted into such a CIF.
An unregulated pooled investment fund, CIF is set up specifically for charities and pension funds in the UK.
Note: Before transferring any centrally managed items to your CIF, give them your lateral transfer documentation and set a date for the actual transfer to occur.
On the way home, personnel can turn in their gear at the Buehring CIF.
F5 Networks said the CIFS acceleration works with the company's Transparent Data Reduction (TDR) technology in order to further increase acceleration on repeated CIFS data transfers.
The AppFlow technology accelerates the performance of applications based on three specific protocols: the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) used by Exchange; Microsoft CIFS; and HTTP.
Since users share files directly using NFS or CIFS or use programs that run over NFS or CIFS, any new technology that seeks to improve file sharing must interoperate with these standards.
Retirement plan advisers are seeing continued growth and acceptance of an investment structure from the past: the collective investment fund (CIF).
NFS and CIFS drivers on each client enable disparate OSs to access a single NAS device, thus enabling storage capacity sharing for heterogeneous computer platforms.