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CINQUE PORTS, Eng. law. Literally, five ports. The name by which the five ports of Hastings, Ramenhale, Hetha or Hethe, Dover, and Sandwich, are known. 2. These ports have peculiar charges and services imposed upon them, and were entitled to certain privileges and liberties. See Harg. L. Tr. 106- 113.

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This archaeological monograph describes excavations at the small town of New Romney in Kent, England, and relates its findings to the important role that the settlement played as one of the Cinque Ports in medieval maritime history.
5) There follows an illuminated list of the wards of the castle of Dover, in Latin together with a list in French of rations for the garrison in times of war, and details of the ships to be supplied by the barons of the cinque ports in such circumstances (Figs.
He had little problem obtaining one in the Cinque Port town of Hythe.
In 1978, she was appointed Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle.
The Queen Mother spends one weekend a year at Walmer Castle, near Deal in Kent, which is owned by English Heritage, in her role as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.
IT'S like a Mastermind question: name the Cinque Ports of England.
TEAM (Club and age in brackets): Fiona Brown (Heswall, 24), Rebecca Hudson (Wheatley, 19), Hilary Monaghan (Heriot-Watt, 23), Becky Morgan (Monmouth, 23), Elaine Ratcliffe (Sandiway, 25), Alison Rose (Stirling, 30), Kim Rostron (Clitheroe, 24), Karen Stupples (Royal Cinque Ports, 25).
Another amateur among the seasoned professionals is Jonathan Bale and the Royal Porthcawl player is joined at Royal Cinque Ports by Jonathan Kelly of the Llandudno Maesdu club.
West is not so much as upwardly mobile as on a rocket to the stars, with a CV that takes in the highly-regarded Royal Cinque Ports in his home county of Kent as well as almost five years in an earlier spell at Lyford Cay.
Welsh amateur Stuart Manley from Mountain Ash in Glamorgan shot 75 at Royal Cinque Ports.
The Whitchurch star joins fellow Welshmen Lee Harpin, Stuart Manley, David Price, Gareth Wright and Adam Campbell north of the border fresh from his superb spot in the tough Brabazon Trophy at the Royal Cinque Ports in Deal last weekend.
GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND: F Brown (Heswall, age 24), R Hudson (Wheatley, 19), H Monaghan (Heriot Watt University, 23), B Morgan (Monmouth, 23), E Ratcliffe (Sandiway, 25), A Rose (Stirling, 30), K Rostron (Clitheroe, 24), K Stupples (Royal Cinque Ports, 2 5).