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CINQUE PORTS, Eng. law. Literally, five ports. The name by which the five ports of Hastings, Ramenhale, Hetha or Hethe, Dover, and Sandwich, are known. 2. These ports have peculiar charges and services imposed upon them, and were entitled to certain privileges and liberties. See Harg. L. Tr. 106- 113.

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This archaeological monograph describes excavations at the small town of New Romney in Kent, England, and relates its findings to the important role that the settlement played as one of the Cinque Ports in medieval maritime history.
5) There follows an illuminated list of the wards of the castle of Dover, in Latin together with a list in French of rations for the garrison in times of war, and details of the ships to be supplied by the barons of the cinque ports in such circumstances (Figs.
As a Cinque Port Hythe was the first defense against a sea invasion in this most vulnerable part of England, becoming a full-fledged military town with a school for musketeers and Martello Towers added in the times of Napoleon.
Head back on the A259 to East Guldeford, then take an unclassified road through Camber to Lydd to join the B2075 to New Romney (5), another ancient Cinque Port now inland from the sea.
And you get to the first green at Royal Cinque Ports the next morning and you need four putts and you wonder about suing that restaurant.
A Great Britain & Ireland international from the Bamburgh Castle club, Porteous beat American Jim Liu at the 19th in the semi-finals at Royal Cinque Ports in Kent yesterday.
RICHARD JAMES kept the Welsh flag flying at the Amateur Championship in Kent yesterday when he gave an inspirational performance to reach the third round at Royal Cinque Ports.
The Woodsome Hall pair are in the lower half of the draw where on Tuesday they start in the first round on the New Course against fellow p ro f e s s i o n a l s Andrew Reynolds, from Royal Cinque Ports, and Andrew Hall, from Sand Martins in Berkshire, like Eyre a highly rated coach.
SHOP IN FOCUS CINQUE PORTS RACING 164 HIGH STREET, HYTHE, KENT, CT21 5JR Staff Brian Mason (owner/manager), Pauline Mason (director/wife/designer/cleaner and general helper), Andrew Burchett (part-time settler/cashier), Sally Bradbury (part-time cashier).
1978: The Queen Mother was appointed Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, the first appointment of a woman in more than eight centuries.
There will also be performances from Gypsy John Record Hops, playing swing, jump jive and boogie woogie, and swing dance troupe The Cinque Ports Lindy Hoppers.
The letter is headed ' Walmer Castle, Kent' where the first Duke of Wellington spent a lot of time, particularly during the 23 years when he was warden of the Cinque Ports.